Hi there 👋

My name is Shannon Callarman.

I’m a creative writer, an emotional intelligence coach, a sewist, and a lover of books.

An INFP, Aries, and an Enneagram 4.

But no matter what my horoscope sign is or my Myers-Briggs letters are, there is no way to measure or define who I am at the core. 

I’m constantly changing, learning, and experimenting. That’s the beauty of the world we live in — no one has the answers, which allows us to evolve, think again, and grow. 

A concept I’ve been obsessively thinking about since college is the pursuit of work fulfillment. 

I believe all of us can find fulfillment in the work we do, but it requires us to come together and change the way we approach work. Because let’s face it — productivity hacks, setting unrealistic expectations, and working around the clock isn’t working.

In 2011, I started my career in digital marketing as a business blogger and social media specialist. Between 2011 to 2020, I gained experiences in the most unconventional ways. 

As a creative writer at heart, I enjoyed digital marketing for many years and my time as a marketer helped me improve my skills in writing, critical thinking, and empathy. 

From tech startups to digital agencies, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve been the learner, the doer, and the manager, but no matter what role I’ve played, the coach was always within me. 

Shannon has a strong background in creative storytelling, content marketing, and understanding audiences. But more than that, she understands how to listen deeply and see the breadth of the full story. In my work with Shannon, she always shows up to listen, gives space for people to verbally process, and helps people discover how they feel. She taps into tools that aren’t always given space in corporate leadership spaces, allowing people to to find their own inner wisdom and discovery. Too often leaders and coaches will focus the spotlight on themselves, but Shannon has a unique gift of creating space for the project, team, and individuals to learn and grow, which is what ultimately contributes to their success.

– Sarah Peck, Founder and CEO of Startup Pregnant

Through my experiences, I have learned to overcome working in toxic environments and managing in unsteady work cultures all during uncertain economic conditions.

What I’ve learned is what people need the most is truth, compassion, and community. 

That’s why it’s no surprise that in the midst of a pandemic, I felt a calling to step away from work full time to focus on supporting professionals in navigating what’s next (and do a little “me-search” on the way).

In 2021, I launched a coaching business known as Thunder Moon Coaching. I now coach individuals through self-discovery and offer group coaching programs.

I also write and produce Valid Feelings — an emotional intelligence podcast for those who think and feel deeply. 

As I continue to build a voice in the coaching space, I’m looking for an opportunity to work with a team again. Being an entrepreneur is lonely (duh!), and I miss collaborating with others and making big things happen, together.

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